The reality about politics in 2018: If you can't afford a poll at the beginning of you campaign, you can't afford to run for office.

Accurate Polling - Polling is a scientific business. Trust USA Instant Poll™ with nearly two decades of traditional polling experience. An accurate political poll will pay for itself. The key to a political victory starts with research. Plan (from polling data), implement the plan and Win!

In 2016 our polls consistently projected Donald Trump to win. In a Texas US Senate race, our July poll was mirrored by the CNN exit poll on election night resulting in our client’s text to us: “You must be very proud of yourself for getting the polling exactly right!”

USA Instant Poll™ are Accurate & Secure.

USA Instant Poll™ utilizes our years of experience to provide you with data that is useful to your campaign and void of any intended or unintended bias. We understand the five components to political polling and implement each step with a scientific approach. We are one of the only polling companies opting to use multiple polling call centers for each poll to properly factor bias from polling operators or participants and discover other critical variables. The accuracy of a USA Instant Poll™ traditional telephone political poll is unparalleled.

The USA Instant Poll™ Questions: Together we will determine the scope of your political poll. The objective(s) will be outlined and our team will create questions that elicit an accurate portrait of the current situation. Our chief pollster is a wordsmith. His skills are rarely matched in the political polling industry. You and your team will review the questions, suggest modifications and finally, approve the poll for release.

The Answers: Approaching your poll with a scientific understanding of the educational level, listening skills and attention span allows us to wordsmith (write) answers that elicit accurate feedback.

The Calling Lists: We have a large data base of telephone calling lists that are cross sampling of the population for most USA locations. We can also utilize your telephone lists and/or purchase telephone lists from a trusted political data company. Our telephone lists are both landline and cellular numbers to ensure we reach all age groups and demographics. We use a scientific political polling margin of error calculator to determine the number of responses required to ensure accuracy of your poll. We have trusted this calculator for over a decade and do not deviate.

The Call Center: Critical to the process is trusting the individual conducting the poll to remain unbiased, enthusiastic and accurate in recording feedback. Our polling team members are trained to notice changes in vocal tones, eagerness of participation and document any unsolicited feedback. We constantly monitor our polling team for accuracy and professionalism.

The USA Instant Poll™ Final Report: Our results are trusted because of the final report created by our pollster. The report outlines how to maximize the discovered knowledge and gain a competitive advantage over the competition. Our pollster will review each facet of the report with your team. We invite you to review an example of a past final report. The client approved our sharing of this report.

USA Instant Poll™ Security: We understands the current political climate and that confidentiality of your polling report is critical. To this end, we never email your results or upload to a cloud server. We are “old school” for security reasons. We mail overnight via FedEx, one copy of the report on a jump drive. We store one copy on our external hard drive that is not connected to the internet. We destroy your data at the end of the campaign. If your polling data is disseminated or leaked, it will only be by your team. We do not share the names of our clients with anyone.

The Polling Process*
(DAY 1) Campaign agreement is signed and fee is paid.
(DAY 1) Conference call to determine critical information needs of campaign.
(DAY 2) Questions are written by USAInstantPoll™ pollster and campaign.
(DAY 2) Answers are written by USAInstantPoll™ pollster.
(DAY 3) Poll questions and answers are approved by campaign.
(DAY 4) Telephone surveys are started.
(DAY 7) Final Report compiled by USAInstantPoll™ pollster.
(DAY 8 or 9)  Final report delivered via FEDEX overnight.
*Duration may be different based on client response time to our emails.

Affordable Polling - We conduct polls for campaigns of all sizes (local, State and Federal). The typical poll takes seven days to complete. A poll pays for itself. With an accurate poll you understand the real issues to be covered in your talking points, your name awareness, you projected outcome against your opponent(s), the best media to reach your voters, opposition weakness and much more. To run a campaign without a poll is to be guessing everyday and wasting hard earned campaign funds.

USA Instant Poll™ Payment Options: Gold Medal Media Group LLC DBA as USA Instant Poll™ accepts Major Credit Cards, Bank Wire. PayPal or Checks (certified, personal, business and campaign checks). Per FEC regulations, work doesn’t begin until an polling agreement has been signed and funds are confirmed cleared by our bank, Bank of America. BANK WIRE: Bank Wire is the fasted way to start your polling. CHECK: The easiest method is to scan and email the front and back of Check. Your check will be electronically deposited the same day. You may prefer to express mail a hard copy of the check to our office. CREDIT CARD: Gold Medal Media Group LLC also DBA USA Instant Poll™ accepts all major credit cards. PayPal: USA Instant Poll™ accepts PayPal Payments.

Our proudest USA Instant Poll™ result was for a Maryland County Clerk of Court candidate. We received a call from the daughter of the County Clerk of Court. Her father had been the County Clerk of Court for years and after he passed away her mother was elected. She was now 70 years old and a much younger opponent was on the campaign trail receiving local press coverage, knocking on doors and suggesting her mother was too old. The issue was simple: Was it necessary for her mother to knock on doors and was her opponent making headway with his efforts? She trusted us with this critical question. The poll strongly suggested her mother, the County Clerk of Court, was fine. No door knocking was needed. Two months later she retained her office in a landslide.

This situation illustrates how campaigns and PACs of all sizes depend on accurate and affordable polling results. You can experience what our polling report looks like by reviewing County Clerk of Court Polling Results.

2018 Polling Rates

Polling includes our fifteen years of polling experience when writing the polling questions, properly weighing responses for accuracy using our algorithm, full report by our pollster and extreme security measures to ensure confidentiality. We use a blend of landline and cellular phone numbers. We can have your polling results ready in seven days.

2018 Polling Rates range between $3,750.00 and $5,500.00. For a free quote call our polling team at 202-774-9990 or email pollster@usainstantpoll.com today.